Metropolitan Museum of Art

The MetMetropolitan Museum of Art is a complex of art galleries, museums of musical instruments, gallery for processional photography and research library. Metropolitan Museum of Art is the biggest institution for presentations of arts in the USA. It is located in New York, USA. Also, it is the most visited art museum of the world.

In 2015 Metropolitan Museum of Art became the best museum of 2015, according to TripAdvisor.

Why visit Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York?

New York is not a place that is all about glamour and style. It’s also about culture, music, events and art. All art lovers must visit New York and especially Metropolitan Museum of Art – it is a great place to find something interesting and new about art and great history mysteries.
Today Metropolitan Museum of Art is considered as one of the most important landmarks in New York and the place is home to many tourist activities. Not only is this place provide great artistic entertainment to its visitors, its uniqueness also continues to inspire artists today.

History of Metropolitan Museum of Art

The museum was established in 1870 by group of American businessmen and art lovers, called Union League Club of New York.The first opening of the museum was on 20th February, 1872. The museum exists thanks to sponsors and help from the state. The current building, located at 1000 Fifth Avenue was constructed in the Gothic style by the American architect Calvert Vaux . In 1880 the museum moved in it.

Structure of Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Museum structure is divided into separated departments of art such as:

  • Gallery of European painting
  • Gallery of European sculpture and applied arts
  • Gallery for Western European and American schedule
  • Gallery of American Art
  • Gallery of Islamic Art
  • Gallery of Asian Art
  • Gallery of art from Africa , Oceania , and South America
  • Gallery of Ancient Art of the Middle East
  • Gallery for medieval art and sculpture
  • Gallery of Greece- Roman art
  • Gallery of Egyptian Art
  • Gallery of Contemporary Art
  • Gallery private collection of Robert Lyman to west European art
  • Gallery armor, armor and weapons
  • Gallery suits and costumes
  • Gallery professional photography

Three private collections are very popular at the museum. They contain 174 works of European art, including works of Hals, Van Dyck, Tiepolo and Poussin. The collection had developed rapidly after the death of John Kensett. 38 paintings from private collections became part of the museum exhibition.
During the XX century Metropolitan Museum of Art received worldwide recognition.
In 1907 the museum acquired its first picture work of Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
Nowadays Metropolitan has its collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionists. It is believed that the collection of Egyptian art is the most comprehensive and representative in the world.

Metropolitan Museum of Art today

Today the permanent collection contains more than two million works of art. The Metropolitan has many collections of different artists. Among them are works of the photographers Walker Evans, Diane Arbus , Alfred Stieglitz and many more.

The museum periodically welcomes remarkable exhibitions, which are often focusing on the works of one artist. Such exhibitions draw people from everywhere to explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Those exhibitions embrace designed for the Costume Institute displays, paintings by worldwide artists. The exhibitions also present works of art related to specific art movements, and collections of historical artifacts.

Typical exhibitions usually run for months. At this time they are open to the general public. Insight into the world of art is provided by each exhibition and cultural experience. Often historical analysis demonstrate the impact that art has on society and its dramatic transformation over the years.
The majority of the Metropolitan Museum of Art initial holdings of Egyptian art came from private collections. Some items are uncovered during the museum’s own archaeological excavations, accomplished between 1906 and 1941.

Today the permanent collection contains more than two million works of art. Met is the most visited museum in the United States with about 5 million people a year and the third in the world after the Louvre in Paris and the British Museum in London.

The best way to really enjoy your visit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is to come during frequent exhibitions that are held there. Although this would mean you need several visits to get more experience and impression how collections on display here are held. This will be an experience that you will automatically want to repeat again and again. Also you will get to know more details about the museum itself and understand its meaning much better.
Metropolitan Museum of Art is very unique and special place. It enriches you with a nice historical and artistic touch. Ticket price is fixed and you can pay as much as you want. The minimum is at least $ 25.


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